Children's Book Workshop (October-December 2019)

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I began my career in children's and educational publishing in New York, and quickly learned that nearly everyone I met had an idea for a children's book, or was toying with the idea of writing one. 

But my years in that realm showed me one really important fact: Nearly everyone was also doing this wrong, from the original conception of their idea, to their strategy to gain readership, possible film/television spin-offs, and development of ideas for future titles. 

Why leave money on the table? As some of you already know, this is one of my biggest pet peeves. 

This workshop is designed as a combination of coaching, to help you finish a children's book (if you've been struggling on your own), platform building, and considering the next steps toward publication and beyond. 

A great children's book can make or break an author's career - just look at J.K. Rowling, Lemony Snicket, and Jon Scieszka, among others. If these are your people, let's get you started toward realizing your publishing dreams, before another year slips away. 

Excited to begin with you! 


* Four 1 hour-long coaching sessions by phone, over the course of 8 weeks (these are completely personalized)

* Personalized attention and feedback on all aspects of your developing manuscript and platform

* Complete manuscript evaluation, at every stage

* An easy-to-follow roadmap of individual steps to meet your writing goals (there will be homework!)

* Tons of cheerleading and encouragement (Though there will be notes, they'll always be delivered with kindness).

* Insider information about the way things are done in publishing's inner sanctums

* Discussion and assessment of your publishing goals for the project 


(Next workshop will be offered in late-2020)