Memoir in the Time of Plague Workshop

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One thing I know, based on history and the need for writers to reflect the time they live in, is that some amazing personal stories are going to come out of this moment in history. 

Whether your quarantine is humorous, moving, sad or something else, it's gonna have a place in the next wave of books being acquired by NYC publishers. 

Whether you've been meaning to tell your personal story for a while, or just got an idea yesterday, this workshop is for anyone looking to get jumpstarted toward a finished memoir. 

And whether you have experience writing, or just want to spend your time indoors a little more productively, this is for you. 

Take the time, finish your book. And, as an added incentive in this uncertain time, I've knocked $800 off the normal price. 

I'm excited to begin with you! 


* Four 1 hour-long coaching sessions by phone, over the course of 8-12 weeks (these are completely personalized)

* Personalized attention and feedback on all aspects of your developing manuscript 

* Complete manuscript evaluation, if you've already begun

* An easy-to-follow roadmap of individual steps to meet your writing goals (there will be homework!)

* Tons of cheerleading and encouragement 

* Insider information about the way things are done in publishing's inner sanctums

* Discussion and assessment of your publishing goals for the project