“I had an amazing experience with Alyson and Page Turner Media. I wanted a specialized approach to my book, Jackson, which was originally penned as a screenplay. I not only see it as a book, but also as a film. Alyson got that, and responded with a detailed handbook that outlined a forward strategy for me to follow. Alyson’s edit included feedback on the characters, plot and chapters. She offered me some very sage advice on my theme, which I took to heart. She added that should I go this route, elements of structure would fall into place. She was right on the money. I’m currently at work on a fifth rewrite. I know right where I’m going with this, and that’s saying a lot!” 

– Cindy Marabito, author of Jackson

"I received invaluable advice, encouragement and magic from this consummate pro. Alyson's coaching programs are BOMB, and got this struggling novelist clear on what he was trying to do, with a clear roadmap on how to get there." 

-- Jeremiah James, author of Committed

"Alyson's guidance helped me win 2nd place in a literary contest and to be published in three online magazines. Her adapting my short story into a screenplay has been directly responsible for my gaining literary representation. With Alyson’s assistance, editing and partnership, I am able to call myself a writer, in addition to an actor of thirty years. Just like Dragnet, those are the facts. Don’t be a schmuck—give her a call!” 

-- Allan Wasserman, author of "The Passover Pugilist" and winner of Glimmer Train's Short Story contest (Actor, Sex and the City, Curb Your Enthusiasm & Seinfeld, among others)


 "Alyson Mead is a fantastic editor. She made me see and get in touch with storylines and parts of my narrative that I wasn’t really prepared to tackle, but it made for so much more in the end. She’s a literary rock."

-- Stephanie Hughes, author of I Showered For This: The Rinse and Repeats of Dating and Love

"Alyson Mead was sent from above. 

I couldn't have wished for a more talented, punctual, creative and kind

partner to work with. She ‘got’ me and helped me mold and create a masterpiece! I am truly grateful!"

-- Hilary Momberger, co-author of Peanuts to Percocet: Notes from a Hollywood Childhood